Turning hearts through quality training in
family history and computer technology


picture of volunteers helping students

Would you enjoy the opportunity of serving as a volunteer at the Family History Training Center, helping others learn about and do family history?

Requirements for volunteers are as follows:

You may also be interested in reading more about the mission and history of the FHTC.

To start the volunteer process, please contact the director by phone (801-374-2283) or for an interview.

What Our Volunteers Are Saying

"The Family History Training Center is a wonderful place to serve our Heavenly Father's children. I feel our Savior's love in this work of Family History. Helping others discover that love is a privilege."

"The spirit of Elijah is in abundance each time I walk into the center, and it is a joy to be there serving with loving missionaries and helping patrons who come to learn how to find and bring the gospel to their ancestors."

"I feel very blessed and fulfilled in being able to associate with the nicest people possible, both my fellow missionaries and the wonderful, grateful students I have learned to help."

"Serving side by side with other missionaries blesses my life with continued opportunities of personal growth. Assisting patrons in their Family History learning process is greatly rewarding."

"I treasure the opportunities we have to learn and grow together with our staff and patrons that come through our door, and to witness electric moments of excitement when a concept is understood, or when a 'brick wall' is conquered. The feelings of love for my ancestors, my family, and all we meet, has become magnified."